Symposium presentations

Session 1: Climate change in the pre-instrumental era: Palaeoclimate reconstructions and simulations over the Iberian Peninsula.Session chairs: Joan Grimalt (CSIC-IDAEA) and Santiago Giralt (IJA/CSIC)
Holocene River Flooding and Climate Change in the Mediterranean; Solicited Talk: G. Benito, M.G. Macklin, C. Zeilhofer, A.F. Jones, M.J. Machado
Last 2000 yr Climate Evolution in the Iberian Range Reconstructed from Lake Records by F. Barreiro-Lostres, A. Moreno, S. Giralt, P. González- Sampériz, J. Pascual, B. Valero-Garcés
Multidecadal Variability in Speleothems Records from the Northwest Iberian Peninsula in the Last Millennium by M. Iglesias , W. Muller, H. Stoll
Natural and Anthropogenic Changes in a Mediterranean Delta as Reconstructed from Benthic Foraminiferal Assemblages by X. Benito, A. Cearreta, R. Trobajo, M. Brunet, C. Ibáñez
Decadal NAO Signal Evolution for the Last Two Millennia in the Central Range (Spain) by G. Sánchez-López, A. Hernández, S. Pla-Rabes, M. Toro, I. Granados, J. Sigró, R.M. Trigo, M.J. Rubio-Inglés, A. Sáez, S. Giralt
Consistent Land-Ocean Pre-Industrial Cooling Trend in the Europe/Mediterranean Region, but Differing Amplitude for Post-Industrial Warming by B. Martrat, and Euro-Med2k and Ocean2k contributors
Posters Session 1
Multi Species Approach to a Dendroclimatic Reconstruction of Drought Index (SPI) in the Eastern Iberian Range (Spain) by M.A. Saz , E. Tejedor , J.M. Cuadrat, M. de Luis, R. Serrano-Notivoli, M. Barriendos
Late Holocene Paleohydrological Changes in Northern Spain Reconstructed from Mg/Ca Stalagmite Microstratigraphy by J. Cruz, J. Martín-Chivelet, M.J. Turrero, A.I. Ortega, A. Marin-Roldán, J.O. Cáceres, R.L. Edwards, A. Garralón, L. Sánchez
Spatiotemporal Patterns of Droughts in East of the Iberian Peninsula During the Last Four Centuries: Reconstructions and Models by S. Gil-Guirado, J.P. Montávez, M. Barriendos
Rogativas y Clima en Alicante durante la Edad Moderna by A. Alberola-Romá, Bueno-Vergara, E.
Evidence of Droughts in North-East Spain during the Period 1590-1900 from Documentary Sources by Cuadrat, J.M., Barriendos, M, Saz, M.A., Tejedor, E., and Serrano, R
Extreme Rainfall Events before Instrumental Era: A View from Lacustrine Sediments by J.P.Corella, G. Benito, S.M. Vicente-Serrano, A. Brauer, B.L. Valero-Garcés
Session 2: Climatic observations and instrumental reconstructions: the development of high-quality climate time-series, gridded products and data assimilation techniques.Session chair: José Antonio Guijarro (AEMET) and Sixto Herrera (UCAN and Predictia)
Current Monthly Homogenization Approaches – Benchmarking their Strengths and Weaknesses; Solicited talk: Victor Venema (U. Bonn)
Gridded Datasets: Limitations and Uncertainty Sources; Solicited talk: Sixto Herrera (UCAN and Predictia)
A Joint-Metrological and Climatological Approach to Improve Quality of Climate Time-Series by A. Gilabert ,  M. Brunet, G. Lopardo, A. Merlone, E. Aguilar, G. Roggero, F. Bertiglia, P. Jones
High Spatial Resolution Climatology Of Maximum And Minimum Temperatures In The Spanish Mainland (1951-2010) by D. Peña-Angulo, M. Brunetti, J. C. González-Hidalgo, N. Cortesi
Long-Term Temperature Change over Mainland Spain: An Update to 2014 and Reassessment of the Spanish Daily Adjusted Temperature Series (SDATS) by J. Sigro, M. Brunet, P. Domokos, E. Aguilar, A. Gilabert, D. Lister, Y. Luna, A. Mestre, PD. Jones
Reconstruction and Homogenization of Some Long-Term Water Temperature Series in the Ebro River Basin by J. Prats, M. Arbat-Bofill, R. Val, J. Dolz
Homogenized Dataset for Central Pyrenees during the Period 1910 – 2013 by N. Pérez-Zanón, J. Sigró
ACMANT3: The Objectives of Developing Automatic Homogenization Software by P. Domonkos
Calibration of Landsat-8 TIRS Bands for Climate Change Detection by D. Caselles, V. Caselles, R. Pérez, E. Valor, C. Doña, V. García-Santos, R. Niclòs, M.J. Barberá, J.M. Sánchez, C. Coll, J.A. Valiente
HIRLAM Surface Analysis for Climate Purposes by B. Navascués, C. Peral, P. Ramos
Extending the SAFRAN Meteorological Analysis System to the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Analysis of its Performance and Applications by P. Quintana Seguí, G. Míguez Macho, M. C. Llasat
Developing a High Resolution Precipitation Grid for Sierra de Guadarrama by L. Durán, I. Rodríguez-Muñoz
Posters Session 2
An Exploratory Analysis of the Impact of the Changeover to Automatic Weather Stations Considering the Primary National Standards Calibration Procedures: Observatori de l’Ebre Case Study by A. Gilabert, M. Brunet, G. Lopardo, A. Merlone, E. Aguilar, G. Solé, G. Roggero, F. Bertiglia, P. Jones
An Approach to the Analysis of Trends in the Concentration of Precipitation in the Canary Islands by P. Máyer, Mª V. Marzol,  J.M. Parreño
Skills of Different Hydrographic Networks to Capture Changes in the Mediterranean Sea at Climate Scales by J. Llasses, G. Jordà, D. Gomis
An Application of HOMER for Homogenising Ireland’s Monthly Station Network by J. Coll, M. Curley, S. Walsh, J. Sweeney
Western Mediterranean Deep Water Anomaly: Temporal Evolution after 2005 by R. Balbín, J.L. López-Jurado, A. Aparicio and J. Fullana
Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval at the Izaña Atmospheric Observatory from 1941 to 2013 by Using Artificial Neural Networks by R.D. García, O.E. García, E. Cuevas, V.E. Cachorro, A. Barreto, C. Guirado, N. Kouremeti, J.J. Bustos, P.M. Romero-Campos and A.M. de Frutos
Long-Term Recovering of Global Solar Radiation from 1933 to 2013 at Izaña Atmospheric Observatory by R.D. García, E. Cuevas, O.E. García, V.E. Cachorro, P. Pallé, J.J. Bustos, P.M. Romero-Campos and A.M. de Frutos
Exploring Urban Heat Island Influence on the Spanish Temperature Series by J.A. Guijarro
Cloudiness, Solar Radiation and Sunshine Duration in the Iberian Peninsula since the Early 20th Century by J. Calbó, A. Sanchez-Lorenzo, J.-A. González, A. Enriquez-Alonso
Surface Wind Observations for North Eastern North America: Database Quality Control and Climatic Variability by Etor E. Lucio-Eceiza, J. Fidel González-Rouco, Jorge Navarro, Ángela Hidalgo, J. Conte, P.A. Jiménez, E. García-Bustamante, N. Casabella and H. Beltrami
GuMNet – Guadarrama Monitoring Network. A New Long-Term Monitoring Initiative in the Guadarrama Mountains, Madrid. Spain by GuMNet Consortium
Rescue and Quality Control of Sub-Daily Observations: An Iberian Case Study by L. Ashcroft, J.R. Coll, P. Domonkos, M. Castellà and M. Brunet
Fenocat:  The Phenological Network of Catalonia by M. Busto, X. de Yzaguirre, J. Cunillera
Session 3: Atmospheric variability: Trends, variability modes and teleconnections within the Euro-Atlantic sector.Session chairs: Ernesto Rodríguez (AEMET) and Sergio Vicente Serrano (CSIC-IPE)
Modes of Climate Variability and Atmospheric Circulation Systems in the Euro-Atlantic Sector; Solicited talk: David Barriopedro (UCM-CSIC)
The Role of Atmospheric Rivers in Extreme Precipitation Events in Iberia by R.M. Trigo,  A.M. Ramos,  M.L. Liberatob
Changes in Seasonal Precipitation Regimes in Spain: A Statistical Significance Study by J.A. López Díaz
Trend of Flash Heat Events in the Iberian Peninsula during the Period 1900-2010 by J. Mazon, D. Pino
Relationships Between the Frequency and Intensity of Very Hot Summer Events in Mainland Spain and Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies Using a Point Process Approach by M. Castellà, M. Brunet, C. Boroneant
Changes in El Niño Signal and its Influence on the NW Iberian Peninsula Rainfall by I. Iglesias, M.N. Lorenzo, B. Rodríguez-Fonseca, J.J. Taboada, M. Gómez-Gesteira
Seasonal Influence of the North Atlantic Atmospheric Circulation Patterns over Iberian Lakes by A. Hernández, R.M. Trigo, S. Pla-Rabes, B.L. Valero-Garcés, S. Jerez, M. Rico-Herrero, J.C. Vega, M. Jambrina-Enríquez,  S. Giralt
A Mechanism for the Multidecadal Modulation of ENSO Teleconnection with Europe by J. López-Parages, B. Rodríguez-Fonseca, L. Terray
On the Relation Between Explosive Cyclones Affecting Europe and the North Atlantic Oscillation by I. Gómara, B. Rodríguez-Fonseca, P. Zurita-Gotor, J.G. Pinto
Physically Based Evaluation of Climate Models over the Iberian Peninsula by C. Sánchez de Cos, J.M. Sánchez-Laulhé, C. Jiménez-Alonso,  J.M. Sancho-Avila, E. Rodriguez-Camino
On Summertime Feedback Mechanisms of Subtropical Highs for Physically Based Evaluation of CMIP5 Climate Models by C. Sánchez de Cos, J.M. Sánchez-Laulhé, C. Jiménez-Alonso, E. Rodriguez-Camino
Sensitivity of Regional Climate Simulations to the Vegetation Variability by J. Jiménez-Gutierrez, J.P. Montávez, F. Valero
Euro-Atlantic Teleconnections Obtained with CMIP5 Models by Means of PLS Regression by N. Gonzalez-Reviriego, C. Rodriguez-Puebla, B. Rodriguez-Fonseca
Posters Session 3
An Approach to the Analysis of Trends in the Concentration of Precipitation in the Canary Islands by P. Máyer, Mª V. Marzol,  J.M. Parreño
Predictability of the Streamflows in the Iberian Peninsula Based on Sea Surface Temperatures by S.R. Gámiz-Fortis, J.M. Hidalgo-Muñoz, M. García-Valdecasas-Ojeda, Y. Castro-Díez, M.J. Esteban-Parra
El Niño Influence on Europe under a Decline and Shut Down of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation by B. Rodríguez-Fonseca, J. López Parages, N. Keenlyside, N. G. Kvamstø, I. Polo, B. Dong
Robust Sahel Drought Due to the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation in CMIP5 Simulations by J. Villamayor, E. Mohino
Statistical Forecast of Seasonal Rainfall in the Iberian Peninsula: A Model Based on Nonstationary Oceanic Predictors by R. Suárez-Moreno, J. López-Parages  and Belén Rodríguez-Fonseca
Seasonal Modes of Dryness and Wetness Variability over Europe and Their Connections with Large Scale Atmospheric Circulation and Global Sea Surface Temperature by M. Ionita, C. Boroneant, S. Chelcea
Temporal Changes in Diurnal and Nocturnal Temperature Trends in Spanish Mainland. Comparison between the 1951-1980 and 1981-2010 Normal Periods by D. Peña-Angulo, J. C. González-Hidalgo, M. Brunetti, N. Cortesi
Non Stationary Teleconnection of ENSO with Europe: Results from CMIP5 Control Simulations by J. López-Parages, B. Rodríguez-Fonseca, L. Terray
Analysis of Meteorological Temporal Scales and Synoptic Types Related  to Episodes of Severe Rainfall in the Southern Part of Catalonia (Spain) by JC. Peña, N. Pérez-Zanón, M. Aran, A. Rius, MC. Casas-Castillo, R. Rodríguez-Solà, A. Redaño and G. Solé
Assessment of Climate Teleconnection Indices as Potential Predictors of Seasonal Streamflow over the IP by J.M. Hidalgo-Muñoz, M. García-Valdecasas-Ojeda, S.R. Gámiz-Fortis, Y. Castro-Díez, M.J. Esteban-Parra
Climatological Analysis of the Wave Storminess Along the Spanish Atlantic Coasts and Atmospheric Circulation Patterns during Winter 2013-14 by M. Menéndez, A. Espejo, J. Pérez,  F. J. Méndez, I. J. Losada
Drought Variability and Change Across the Iberian Peninsula by J. R. Coll, E. Aguilar
The Summer NAO and Maximum Temperatures for the Iberian Peninsula by V. Favà, J.J. Curto , M.C. Llasat
Relation Between the NAO Index and Tropical SST with CMIP5 Models by N. Gonzalez-Reviriego, C. Rodriguez-Puebla, B. Rodriguez-Fonseca
Multidecadal Modulation of the Atlantic Influence on the Pacific El Niño in Pi-Control CMIP5 Simulations by B. Rodríguez-Fonseca,  I. Polo, E. Mohino , T. Losada , M. Martin-del Rey
Total Column Water Vapor Flux and Precipitation at Sierra de Guadarrama by L. Durán, B. Rodríguez-Fonseca, C. Yagüe & E. Sánchez
Atmospheric Variability of Greenhouse Gases Measured at the Climatic Stations of IC3 Network. Case of Gredos and Iruelas Station by R. Curcoll, C. Grossi, J. A. Morgui, A. Aguèda, O. Batet, S. Borras, L. Cañas, P. Occhipinti, A. Vargas, E. Vazquez, X. Rodó
Session 4: Oceanic variability and sea level changes in the Iberian Peninsula shores and its archipelagos.Session chairs: Jordi Salat (ICM-CSIC) and Pedro Vélez (IEO)
A Review of the Mediterranean Sea Heat and Mass Budgets by G. Jordà and the MEDMAHB Project Team
Exchange Flows through the Strait of Gibraltar: Transformations and Reconstruction from Limited Observations by A.Sánchez-Román, G. Jordà, D. Gomis, G. Sannino, J. García-Lafuente and M. García-Sotillo
Coastal Hydrographic Signatures of Heat Waves and Extreme Events of Dense Water Formation during 2002-2012 (Barcelona, NW Mediterranean) by J. Guillén, L. Arín, M. Estrada, J. Salat, P. Puig, A. Palanques and J. Pascual
Posters Session 4
Measurements of Sea Water Temperature Profile by Means Optical Fibers by A. Garcia-Benadí, J. del-Río-Fernández, M. Nogueras-Cervera, C. García Izquierdo, M.D. del Campo Maldonado, P. Corredera Guillem, C. Pulido de Torres
Ocean Bottom Pressure Variability in the Mediterranean Sea and its Relationship with Sea Level from a Numerical Model by M. Marcos
An Assessment of Coastal Storminess along the Atlantic Coast of SW Europe by D. Rasilla
A 20-Year Climate Simulation of the Mediterranean Sea Circulation: Impact of Air-Sea Fluxes Changes in the Gulf of Lions by R. Aznar Lecocq, M. G. Sotillo, F. Valero Rodríguez, E. Álvarez Fanjul
Atlantic Opportunities for ENSO Prediction by Marta Martín del Rey, Belén Rodríguez-Fonseca and Irene Polo by M. Martín del Rey, B. Rodríguez-Fonseca and I. Polo
Storminess Evolution in the Catalan Coast during the Period 1959-2008 by G. Simarro, J. Guillén, A. Orfila
2014, A Non-Exceptional Year with the Highest Mean Temperature Recorded in 40 Years – On Land, Sea And Air – at the Costa Brava (NW Mediterranean) by J. Salat, J. Pascual
SIDE EVENT ON CLIMATE SERVICES: Opportunities, limitations and challenges to deliver robust and timely climate services
Introduction to Climate Services
Operational issues: observing systems, data exchange, climate information and predictions (Yolanda Luna – AEMET)
Research supporting climate services: EU projects, ECOMS, GFCS (Paco Doblas-Reyes – IC3/BSC/ICREA)
Climate Services by sectors:
Health (Rachel Lowe – IC3)
Energy (Nube Gonzalez – IC3)
Water (Ernesto Rodriguez – AEMET)
Session 5: Future climate change. Regional climate projections over Spain: atmosphere.Session chairs: Miguel Angel Gaertner (UCLM) and Juan Pedro Montávez (UM)
Climate Information for the Next 30 Years, A New Tool for Climate Adaptation; Solicited talk: Paco Doblas, BSC
Regional Climate Projections in the Iberian Peninsula (2060-2100); Solicited talk: Manuel de Castro, UCLM
Projected Temperature and Precipitation Extremes over Spain by P. Ramos-Calzado, A. Pastor-Saavedra, P. Amblar-Francés, M. J. Casado- Calle
Assessing the Role of Regional Climate Models as Intermediaries between Global Models and Bias Correction Methods by A.Casanueva, S.Kotlarski, S.Herrera, J.Fernández and J.M. Gutiérrez
Decadal Climate Prediction of AMV-Related Variability from CMIP5 by J. García-Serrano, V. Guemas, F. J. Doblas-Reyes
Summer Extremely Hot Days Future Projections over the Iberian Peninsula Based on Circulation Types by J.A. García-Valero, J.P. Montávez, S. Jerez, P. Jiménez-Guerrero
Wavelet Analysis of the Relationship Between Heat Waves and Droughts in Observed and Simulated Climatic Data: A Case Study For Spain by J. M. Polanco-Martínez, M. B. Neumann, E. Scoccimarro, S. Gualdi
Multi-Model Analysis of the Impact of High Resolution and Ocean-Atmosphere Coupling on the Simulation of Medicanes over the Mediterranean Sea by E. Sánchez, M.A. Gaertner, V. Gil, M. Domínguez, R. Romera, C. Gallardo, M.M. Miglietta
Climate Change in Spain: Projections and Impacts on Forest Fires by M. Turco, M. C. Llasat, J. von Hardenberg, S. Herrera, J. M. Gutiérrez, A. Provenzale
Study of the Variation of Termopluviometric Indices from Downscaled Climate Projections for Iberian Peninsula by E. Gaitán,  R. Monjo, J. Pórtoles, J. Ribalaygua, L. Torres
Posters Session 5
Climate Change Impact on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: The Role of Photodegradation in Mediterranean Soils by M. Marquès, M. Mari, J. Sierra, M. Schuhmacher, J.L. Domingo, M. Nadal
Results of the Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment Using WRF (CRWES Project) by J. Fernández, P. Jiménez-Guerrero, A. Casanueva, L. Fita, M. García-Díez, A. González, R. Lorente, M. Magariño, J. P. Montávez, J. C. Pérez
Regionalized Climate Change Projections over Spain Based on Statistical Algorithms by A. Pastor-Saavedra, P. Ramos-Calzado, P. Amblar-Francés, M. J. Casado-Calle
Present Climate (1990-2008) Precipitation Description over the Maghreb Region from the ESCENA Project Ensemble of Regional Climate Models by R. Romera , E. Sánchez, M. Domínguez, C. Gallardo, M. A. Gaertner
The Impact of Groundwater on the Iberian Peninsula Climate by J. C. Sánchez Perrino, L. Gestal Souto , E. Rodríguez Camino
Multi-Model and Multi-Scenario Climate Change Projetcions Applied to PV Power in Spain by S. Jerez, I. Tobin, J.M. López-Romero, J.P. Montávez, R. Vautard
Change in the Climate Conditions of the Viticulture in Spain by M.N. Lorenzo, A.M. Ramos, S. Brands, J.J. Taboada
Validation and Comparison of Two Statistical Regionalization Methods over Spain by M. J. Casado-Calle, A. Pastor-Saavedra, P. Ramos-Calzado, P. Amblar-Francés
Assessment of WRF Physics Options for Dynamical Downscaling over Spain by M. García-Valdecasas-Ojeda,  S.R. Gámiz-Fortis, J.M. Hidalgo-Muñoz, D. Argüeso, Y. Castro-Díez, M.J. Esteban-Parra
Radiative Effects of Atmospheric Aerosols over Spain by P. Jiménez-Guerrero, R. Baró, L. Palacios
Projections of Extreme Heat Events in Spanish Cities by J. Abaurrea, J. Asín, A.C. Cebrián
Projected Changes in Temperature and Precipitation in Canary Islands Using Dynamic Downscaling with WRF by J. P. Díaz, A. González, F. Expósito, J. C. Pérez and D. Taima
Validation of a High Resolution Version of the Regional Climate Model RCA4 from the Euro-Cordex Ensemble over the Iberian Peninsula by A. Lehoczky, C. Boroneant
A Set of Regional Climate Change Scenarios over Spain: ESCENA Project by J. Fernández, L. Fita, M. García-Díez, J.P. Montávez, P. Jiménez-Guerrero, M. Domínguez, R. Romera, N. López de la Franca, E. Sánchez, G. Liguori, W.D. Cabos, M. A. Gaertner
Evaluación de los Modelos de la Simulación de Tiempo Presente de los Modelos de CMIP5 y Estimación de sus Proyecciones del Clima del Siglo XXI by W. David Cabos, G. Gómez, C. Cachaco, J. A. de Frutos, J. I. Pérez
Session 6: Future climate change. Regional climate projections over Spain: marine environment.Session chair: Gabriel Jordà (IMEDEA-CSIC-UIB)
Climate Change Analysis in the Spanish Shores and Harbors for the 21st Century; Solicited talk: Enrique Álvarez Fanjul (State Harbours)
Modeling the Impacts of Relative Sea-Level Rise: Rice Fields of the Ebro Delta by A. Genua-Olmedo, C. Alcaraz, N. Caiola, C. Ibáñez
Multi-Model Sea Surface Climate Projections in Southern Europe Based on CMIP5 by M. Menéndez, J. Pérez,  P. Camus, A. Cid, F. J. Méndez, I. J. Losada
Sea Level Projections for Southern Europe.  Up to which Extent Can the Mediterranean be Isolated from Global Sea Level Rise? by G. Jordà, D. Gomis , M. Marcos
Climate Change and Coastal Sustainability by A. Sánchez-Arcilla, J.P. Sierra, C. Mösso, V. Gracia, M. García-León
Posters Session 6
On the Ability of Statistical Models to Capture the Long-Term Trends in Wave Climate by A. Martínez-Asensio, M. Marcos, M. N. Tsimplis, G. Jordà , X. Feng, D. Gomis, S. A. Josey
Reliability of Uncertainty Estimates in Climate Projections. The Role of the Ensemble Size by J. Llasses, G. Jordà, D. Gomis
XXI Century Wind Wave Projections for the Spanish Shores. Mean Regime and Extreme Events by D. Gomis, G. Jordà, M. Marcos, A. Martínez-Asensio
Trends of Upwelling in the Galician Coast (1961-2090) by N. Casabella, M.N. Lorenzo, J.J. Taboada, I. Álvarez
ROUND TABLE: Challenges for communicating climate change to the society; Moderator: Javier Martín Vide (UB); Speakers: Antonio Cerrillo (La Vanguardia:), Jose Luis Piñuel (UCM), Pablo Meira (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela); Florenci Rey (SER), Ferran Puig (Ustednoselocree), Rogelio Fernandez Reyes (MDCS – UCM and GREHCCO – U. Sevilla)